A Stress-Free Guide to Camping with Your Dog: Tips, Tricks & Gear

Camping under the stars, campfire burning and a cosy sleeping bag waiting for you in the tent is nothing short of magical for us adventurous folk. However, we know that it can be a logistical balancing act to ensure you're fully prepared for an off-grid adventure with your furry friend.

While the idea of camping with your dog might seem daunting, it doesn't have to be. In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover off purpose-built dog camping gear, expert tips to make your camping trip seamless as well as the best dog friendly campgrounds across Australia. 

Top Tips for Camping with Dogs

Before you leash up and jump in the car, here are our top tips for a stress-free camping trip with your dog:

  1. Pre-Trip Vet Visit: Put your mind at ease with a pre-trip vet visit for a quick health check, especially for longer camping trips.
  2. Practice Tent Time: Familiarise your dog with the tent before your trip to avoid a sleepless first night and a comfortable doggo.
  3. Keep Your Dog Hydrated: Bring lots of water to keep your furry friend hydrated and make every effort to keep him/her from drinking out of lakes and rivers.
  4. Respect Wildlife: At night, keep your dog inside the tent to keep him/her and local widlife out of harms way.
  5. Routine and Comfort: Stick to the familiar routine with your dog's regular food, water, and bedding.
  6. Check Local Regulations: Make sure to check that you're camping at designated dog-friendly campsites. To keep things simple, we always use Hipcamp.
  7. Emergency Plan: Stress less with knowledge of nearby vet services in case of emergencies, and keep a dog first aid kit on hand.
  8. Patience and Positive Reinforcement: Keep things stress-free by being patient and using positive reinforcement for good behavior.
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    Our Pick of The Best Dog Camping Gear for Stress- Free Adventures

    1. Dog First Aid Kit

    We start our list of the best dog camping gear with safety in mind. Camping in the wilderness can be an amazing experience, but in an emergency, you might be hours from the nearest vet.

    The Survival Squad Dog First Aid Kit has everything you need to keep your pup safe in an emergency.

    Price: 59.99

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    Dog Friendly Tent: Dog Camping Equipment

    2. Dog-Friendly Tent

    A dog-friendly tent is an essential, and as a rule of thumb, we recommend a 4 person tent for a couple camping with a dog.

    Of course, a bigger dog may need more space, but from our experience, a 4 person tent has been big enough for our little family of four (two humans, two medium-sized Border Collies).

    Price: $119

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    Portable Dog Bed: Camping Equipment with Dogs

    3. Portable Dog Bed

    Keep it simple with a portable, waterproof dog bed for a comfortable snooze spot that's easy to clean.

    We recommend bringing along your dogs bedding/blankets to help him/her feel more comfortable and enrich their experience.

    Price: $89

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    Collapsible Dog Bowl: Camping with Dogs

    4. Collapsible Dog Bowls

    A colllapsible dog bowl is a no-fuss feeding and hydration solution, perfect for camping. These lightweight and portable bowls won't weigh you down and can even fit in a small backpack for a day out on the hiking trails.

    Price: $28.95

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    LED Dog Collar: Camping with Dogs

    5. LED Dog Collar

    Keep your dog in sight during evening adventures at the campsite with an LED collar.

    USB-rechargeable and with 6 colours to choose from, these LED collars are an essential piece of dog camping gear.

    Price: $29

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    GPS dog tracker: Camping Equipment for Dogs

    6. GPS Dog Tracker

    Something you hope you'll never have to use, but an absolute life saver if you do.

    Some models, like the one featured, not only help monitor your furry friends location, but also track how their active time and calories burned.

    Price: $79

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    Paw Balm for Dogs: Camping Equipment for Dogs

    7. Paw Balm

    For adventurous dogs who love nothing more than hitting the trails and exploring in the wilderness, paw balm is a must.

    Used for relief from cracked, dry and rough paws, it can also be used on elbows and noses, making it an essential piece of gear for camping with your dog.

    Price: $19.95

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    Waterproof dog boots: Camping Tips with Dogs

    8. Waterproof Dog Boots

    Suitable for all types of breeds, big or small and can be used, whatever the weather, dog boots are a great option for keeping your dogs paws protected from insects, bindies and broken glass.

    Price: $27

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    Dog Sleeping Bag: Camping with Your Dog Equipment

    9. Doggy Sleeping Bag

    Capture the essence of their journey together with a memory book to capture those moments of joy, growth, and shared experiences.

    A memorable gift for the dog lover in your life to capture the unique bond between a man and his/her best friend.

    Price: $82.16

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    Dog Cooling Vest: Best Dog Camping Equipment

    10. Cooling Vest for Dogs

    During the hotter months, a cooling vest is a must-have piece of dog camping equipment.

    It works by cooling down their core temperature, perfect if you're camping near a lake or river, so that you can wet it, wring it and strap it on your pooch.

    Price: $94.98

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    Portable Dog Shower: Camping with Dogs Equipment

    11. Portable Dog Shower

    Post-adventure clean-ups don't need to be a stressful experience. A portable dog shower will keep your pup clean and fresh, and most importantly, keep dirt and sand out of your tent.

    Price: $59.99

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    Pet Mosquito Repellent: Equipment for Camping with Dogs

    12. Pet Mosquito Repellent

    Stress less about mozzies biting your furry friend with pet-friendly mosquito repellent.

    Dogs' skin can be more sensitive to harsh chemicals than ours, so we recommend souring a mosquito repellent that has natural oils and doesn't use DEET (like the one we've featured).

    Price: $35.48

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    Dog Tie Out Cable: Camping with Dogs equipment

    13. Dog Tie Out Cable

    Keep your furry friend out of danger whilst camping with a dog tie out cable.

    This piece of kit can support dogs weighing up to 90kg and gives you the and your pup the freedom to do what you need to do without putting them in harms way.

    Price: $29.78

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    Dog carrier backpack gift for dog lovers

    14. Dog Carrier Backpack

    If you have a smaller dog that's in their senior years, or can't handle walking long distances, a carrier backpack is a useful piece of dog camping gear to bring along with you.

    Most of these backpacks include small pockets so that you can bring along poop bags, treats and water as well.

    Price: $45

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    Dog poop bag holder: best dog camping equipment

    15. Dog Poop Bag Holder

    Clip on to your pups' leash and never worry about desperately searching in your backpack to find poop bags again.

    Save time, effort and space with a dog poop bag holder, a must-have piece of equipment when camping with dogs.

    Price: $28.05

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    • 1. Rivers Run Colo River (Colo, NSW)

      Only a 1.5 hour drive from Sydney and surrounded by horses, nature and the beautiful Colo River, this 26 acre patch of paradise is a great dog-friendly campground in NSW.

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    • 2. Bahwidgee on Tumut River (Bombowlee, NSW)

      With the Snowy River within arms reach, this is the pawfect place to bring your pup and get in some fishing, kayaking and more.

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    • 3. Myrtle Ridge Farm (Ourimbah, NSW)

      How does walking tracks and a watering hole, a stonesthrow from the action in Central Coast sound? Look no further than Myrtle Ridge Farm for a dog-friendy campground in NSW.

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    • 1. Hold It Flats (Yalboroo, QLD)

      A fantastic spot, with great amenities, nature, watering holes and even a river for a morning swim or a paddle in the kayak.

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    • 2. Estate Lodges Caravan & Camping (Flying Fox, QLD)

      A beautiful pet-friendly campground in QLD with the tamborine mountains a short drive away, this campground has a creek and watering hole, making it a unique camping experience.

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    • 3. Hilltop Country Camping (Crows Nest, QLD)

      Enjoy a 360-degree view of the surrounding area as you pitch up on a hilltip 660m above the surrounding area. Sunrises and sunsets at this spot are to die for.

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    • 1. High Country Paradise (Myrtleford, VIC)

      Situated in the Victorian High Country, this campground has it all: Bush horse riding, mountain biking, swimming and more.

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    • 2. Nillawarre (Samaria, VIC)

      Voted Hipcamp's Best Campground in Victoria, this spot is a 2 hours drive from Melbourne, situated on a 200 acre working farm. It has a lake nearby, great facilities and powered sites available.

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    • 3. Ellimatta (Meadow Creek, VIC)

      Another finalist on Hipcamp's Best in Victoria, and one of the most picturesque dog friendly campgrounds in Vic, Ellimatta is in the heart of King Valley wine region.

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    • 1. Sunset on the Hill (Kordabup, WA)

      Positioned overlooking a dam and surrounded bypaddocks, this truly is one of the best dog friendly campsites in WA.

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    • 2. Cowalla Camping (Cowalla, WA)

      A finalist for Best in WA, this dog friendly campground is set on the Moore River, and has nature and activities aplenty.

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    • 3. 100-Acre Woods (Mandurah, WA)

      An off-grid paradise, 100-Acre Woods has no power, water or toilet facilities, but what it has are views to die for and enoguh space for you and your pup to explore.

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