Flextail TINY PUMP 2X Review vs Giga Pump 4.0 vs PocketJet 4-in-1: What's The Difference?

When it comes to outdoor adventures, beach days or even lazy days by the pool, a reliable, portable, air pump can be a game-changer. Today, we're going to review the Flextail TINY PUMP 2X alongside two noteworthy contenders: the Aerogogo GIGA pump 4.0, and the Survival Squad PocketJet 4-in-1 mini air pump.

Join us on this journey as we dive deep on each air pump's capabilities, compare their features, and ultimately conculde our review of the Flextail TINY PUMP 2X, with a recommendation on whether it's a buy or not.

In a Hurry?

This is a pretty comprehensive review of the Flextail TINY PUMP 2X (alongside some stiff competition), and if you're short on time, scroll down to the bottom of the article and you'll find a comparison table that compares the features of each pump side-by-side to help you decide if the Flextail TINY PUMP 2X is right for you :)

Who is Flextail?

Flextail is a Hong-Kong based outdoor company that specicially focuses on camping equipment, including air mattress pumps, mosquito repellant and more. They sell their products globally, however, they have an Australian website where you can purchase in AUD.

One of Flextail's most popular products is their TINY PUMP 2X, which we'll be focusing on today, as we kick off this review by taking a look at its pros and cons.

Flextail TINY PUMP 2X review

Flextail TINY PUMP 2X Pros:

One of the biggest benefits to the pumps that we'll be covering in this review of the Flextail TINY PUMP 2X, is their multifunctional nature, and the TINY PUMP 2X has a built-in camping light which really sets it apart from your everyday air pump.

It is also water-resistant, has a magnet for attaching to metal surfaces and best of all it's only 96 grams. If you're on a camping trip, and weight is a real paint point, this pump is for you.

Flextail TINY PUMP 2X Cons:

Of all the three mini air pumps that we'll cover in this review, the Flextail TINY PUMP 2X has the lowest air pressure at 4kPa, which means you might not get as much air into your inflatables as you'd like. It also has a relatively small battery capacity at 1300 mAh.

Reviews of the Flextail TINY PUMP 2X also suggest that it's succeptible to overheating because it doesn't have an auto-shut off feature that would help to control its core temperature.

Lastly, because Flextail operate out of Hong Kong, shipping to Australia is quoted as taking 8-12 working days when you buy from their website. If you're in a rush to get your air pump, you may want to consider some of the other options we'll cover today.

Who is Survival Squad?

Survival Squad is a Sydney-based outdor store, established in 2021 by founders, Kathy and Sebastian. Their store is focused on equipment for camping, hiking, running and more

Survival Squad is growing its range of outdoor products, specifically for nature lovers, and pet owners. One of their most popular products, especially during the warmer months here in Australia, is the PocketJet 4-in-1 mini air pump.

PocketJet 4-in-1 mini air pump review

Survival Squad PocketJet 4-in-1 Air Pump Pros:

The PocketJet 4-in-1 mini air pump has the biggest battery you'll find for an air pump of its size, at 3600 mAh. This means you can inflate more on one charge than any other mini air pump.

The PocketJet mini air pump has 4.5kPa of air pressure and 240 l/min of air flow, making it a strong contender vs the Flextail TINY PUMP 2X and Aerogogo Giga Pump 4.0. It also has a built-in camping light and emergency power bank, features not available on many pumps at this price range.

It has 8 nozzles, including a needle attachment for inflating balls, something that our two other contenders don't offer.

Finally, a subject not discussed too much with other air pumps is over-heating. The PocketJet pump by Survival Squad has an auto shut-off function when the pump gets too hot. This is usually after 6-8 minutes when using the rapid inflate or deflate mode.

Survival Squad PocketJet 4-in-1 Air Pump Cons:

The PocketJet 4-in-1 mini air pump is slightly heavier than the Aerogogo and Flextail air pumps because of its larger battery size and more powerful output

Who is Aerogogo?

Aerogogo is based out of Shanghai, China and alongside its parent company, Micronovetly, specialises in creating inflatable products. They have a number of different products available for purchase either directly through their website or through wholesale channels like Ali Express and Alibaba.

Aerogogo GIGA pump 4.0 review

Aerogogo Giga Pump 4.0 Pros:

The Aerogogo Giga Pump 4.0 boasts an impressive 4.2kPa of inflation pressure, and can inflate for 15 minutes on one charge, as a result of its 1360 mAh battery. Whilst slightly bigger than the Flextail TINY PUMP 2X battery, its almost half the size of the PocketJet air pump's battery.

It also has a built-in camp light, 5 nozzle attachments and is one of the lightest air pumps at 100 grams.

Aerogogo Giga Pump 4.0 Cons:

Some users report that the buttons on the Giga Pump 4.0 can be difficult to operate and need to be pressed multiple times to work. 

Similar to the Flextail TINY PUMP 2X, the Giga Pump 4.0 has a relatively small battery, which means that if you're going camping for a couple of days or longer, this is likely not the best pump for you. Instead, opt for the PocketJet 4-in-1 mini air pump, which has almost double the battery capacity.

Finally, because Aerogogo operate out of China, shipping to Australia is quoted as taking 2-3 weeks if you buy directly from their website.

    Feature Comparison

    We've seen the pros and cons of each mini air pump, now lets get to the meat of this TINY PUMP 2X review, and compare its features against the GIGA Pump 4.0 and the PocketJet 4-in-1 Pump.

    A couple of things to consider when you're picking the best air pump for your needs:

    • Battery size: The battery size of your air pump determines how many times you can inflate an air mattress or floaty on one charge. The higher the mAh, the bigger the battery.
    • Air pressure:  When you're choosing an air pump, if you plan on inflating an air mattress or larger inflatables, generally you'll want a pump that has 4.2 kPa or higher to ensure it fully inflates.
    • Air flow: Air flow determines how quickly (or slowly) you can inflate your air mattress, floaty or ball. If a pump inflates more than 200 l/min, it'll pump a single air mattress in around a minute, or less.
    • Nozzles: If you have plans to inflate more than just an air mattress (pool floaties, balls etc.) try to find an air pump with multiple nozzles. Valve sizes on air mattresses and inflatables can vary by manufacturer, so its best to find a pump with over 5 nozzles if possible.

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      • Flextail 2X TINYPUMP
      • $62.99
      • 1300 mAh battery
      • 4kPa air pressure
      • 180 l/min air flow
      • 5 nozzles
      • Camping light
      • No emergency power bank
      • 96 grams
      • BUY NOW
      • Survival Squad PocketJet Pump
      • $49.99
      • 3600 mAh battery
      • 4.5kPa air pressure
      • 240 l/min air flow
      • 8 nozzles
      • Camping light
      • Emergency power bank
      • 180 grams
      • BUY NOW
      • Aerogogo GIGA Pump 4.0
      • $108.82
      • 1360 mAh battery
      • 4.2kPa air pressure
      • 220 l/min air flow
      • 5 nozzles
      • Camping light
      • No emergency power bank
      • 100 grams
      • BUY NOW

      In Conclusion

      As we conclude our review of the Flextail TINY PUMP 2X vs the Aerogogo GIGA pump 4.0, and the Survival Squad PocketJet 4-in-1 pump, we can see that each bring a unique set of strengths to the table.

      If your priority is simplicity and feather-light portability, you can't look past the Flextail 2X TINY PUMP, which proves to be a reliable choice.

      If you can sacrifice a little on portability, weighing in 4 grams heavier but with a bigger battery, more air flow and air presssure, is the Aerogogo GIGA pump 4.0.

      However, for the savvy camper or traveller who values compactness without compromising on features, the Survival Squad PocketJet 4-in-1 mini air pump comfortably takes the top spot.

      Whilst slightly heavier than the 2X TINY PUMP and GIGA pump 4.0, the PocketJet mini air pump has the biggest battery, the most air flow and air pressure out of all three pumps.

      It also seamlessly transforms into a power bank and flashlight, which offers a level of adaptability that makes it a great buy for the price point.

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